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Islamabad(Digital Post) : Massive corruption unveiled in Utility Stores Corporation during former GM’s tenure


ISLAMABAD(Crime Reporer): Reliable sources have unveiled a sensational tale of widespread corruption within the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) during the tenure of Rao Muhammad Ishaq, who served as the General Manager (Operation) until his services were terminated by USC’s Board of Directors in 2016.
Presently serving as the Secretary at Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Rao Ishaq stands accused of amassing millions of rupees through illicit means during his tenure at USC.
The allegations against Rao Ishaq paint a picture of rampant corruption, including the dubious awarding of contracts for daily use commodities, transportation services, illegal appointments, and manipulating employee transfer postings.
Sources indicate that Rao Ishaq also masterminded significant financial embezzlement during the Ramazan Package, a government initiative aimed at providing subsidized goods during the holy month.
Moreover, revelations suggest that Rao Ishaq’s brother, Rao Furqan, a reporter at the national news agency, played a pivotal role in facilitating the corruption scheme. Acting as a conduit, Rao Furqan allegedly collected illicit funds on behalf of his brother from beneficiaries of undue and illegal favors.
In light of these grave allegations, calls have emerged for the government to launch a comprehensive investigation into the matter. The demand is for swift action to hold both Rao Ishaq and his accomplices accountable for their purported involvement in this egregious corruption scandal.
As the public outcry mounts, the pressure intensifies on authorities to ensure justice is served and to root out systemic corruption within governmental institutions.

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