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Islamabad(Digital Post) : Finland Independence Day Sparkles in Islamabad: Ambassador Ripatti Leads 106th Anniversary Celebrations


Islamabad, December 7, 2023  : – The Embassy of Finland in Islamabad hosted a distinguished ceremony to mark the 106th anniversary of Finland’s Independence Day. Presided over by Ambassador Hannu Ripatti, the event brought together prominent diplomats, embassy staff, and media representatives on Wednesday. A symbolic cake-cutting ceremony underscored the historical significance of the occasion.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Ripatti reiterated Finland’s steadfast dedication to strengthening bilateral ties with Pakistan. He expressed enthusiasm for collaborative efforts across various domains, emphasizing the potential for mutually advantageous cooperation. The Ambassador shed light on Finland’s ongoing initiatives in Pakistan, particularly in education and vocational training, aiming to deepen the partnership and contribute to shared progress.

Highlighting a pivotal moment in diplomatic relations, Finland recently reopened its embassy in Pakistan after a decade-long hiatus. This decision signifies a renewed and robust commitment to fostering diplomatic ties. Ambassador Ripatti assured that the embassy’s engagement would continue to thrive, building upon the significant progress achieved since its reopening last year.

The celebration not only showcased the historical bond between Finland and Pakistan but also underscored the commitment to advancing shared objectives. As both nations look towards the future, the Embassy of Finland remains dedicated to furthering cooperation and promoting mutual understanding.

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