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Murtaza assures ICCI for establishment of industrial park


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Industry and Production Makhdoom Syed Murtaza Mahmood has said that government would cooperate for the establishment of an industrial park in Islamabad.

He expressed these views while addressing the reception ceremony organized in his honour by the Islamabad Chamber, said a press release issued here.

Syed Murtaza said despite resources, the reason for Pakistan’s problems is the lack of continuity in policies.

“We need to correct our direction, the government has taken many steps for industrial development to bring economic stability through an increase in exports,” he added.

The minister said that the government has presented a budget in difficult circumstances, which includes measures to facilitate the business environment and speed up the industry.

“The sustainable solution to Pakistan’s economic problems is only in increasing exports, unless there is an increase in manufacturing at the local level, the dream of a large increase in exports cannot be fulfilled,” he added.

Syed Murtaza said that “The situation we are facing today is the result of the wrong policies of the last 75 years. Countries develop by making their own policies, unfortunately, we adopted import policies and discouraged manufacturing. Our SME sector has not been able to develop as it should have.

As a minister, I am trying my best to adopt policies that will benefit the economy. Our exports are 30 billion dollars while imports are 80 billion dollars annually, there is no shortage of anything in this country. Only vision is needed.

The government and the opposition should leave their personal egos behind and come on the same page for the country. Economic policies should be formulated not for five years, but for 25 years. If we use our resources properly, Pakistan can be included in the 25 largest economies. I will fully support Islamabad Chamber for projects like Expo Center, and Industrial State.”

President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari said in his address that the federal government presented a balanced budget. Good measures have been taken in the budget for the industry, for which I thank Federal Minister Murtaza Mahmood.

The federal minister wants to solve the problems of the business community, the economy can be brought out of the crisis only by solving the problems of businessmen and industry.

The future of Pakistan is linked to industry and production. The problems faced by Pakistan’s industry are in front of everyone.

Bakhtawari said that if Pakistan is to compete with the production of other neighbouring countries, the electricity tariff has to be brought in line with the regional level.

He said that the ministry wants to link CPEC Facilitation Desk established in Islamabad Chamber with Industry and Production, the Islamabad Chamber is organizing the International Tourism Summit next month for the promotion of tourism in the northern regions.

He said that ” as the president of Islamabad Chamber, as a representative of the business community of the federal capital, I have been demanding from all political parties for a long time that we need political stability, which is not possible without the cooperation of all political parties. The People’s Party started the policy of reconciliation and taking everyone together, everyone needs to promote this policy.”

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