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Rawalpindi (Digital Post) : In the meeting with the army chief, the scholars called the atrocities against the Palestinians as crimes against humanity


Rawalpindi : Israel is genocidal to the people of Palestine. It should be noted that more than 12,300 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 25,000 have been injured in the ongoing Israeli bombardment on Gaza since October 7. Most of the martyrs and injured are women and children. There is a very sad situation going on in Palestine, people do not have food, water, women and children in Palestine are not safe. had a meeting in which he expressed his anger and outrage over the atrocities committed against the innocent Palestinians in the ongoing war in Gaza, the forum called the atrocities against the innocent Palestinians as crimes against humanity. While appreciating the fatwa of the scholars “Pegam Pakistan” for the end, he stressed on the prevention of misleading propaganda by the scholars and the elders. The Army Chief emphasized on correcting misleading propaganda and removing internal differences and also pointed out the role of scholars in attracting the youth to understand the Quran and Sunnah and build character.
The Army Chief said that Pakistan belongs to everyone without any discrimination, the use of force and armed action by any organization or group other than the state is unacceptable, they will not accept armed action by any group other than the state. According to the ISPR, during the meeting with the Ulemas and Mashaikhs, the Army Chief said that Pakistan belongs to all Pakistanis without any religious, provincial or any other discrimination. There is no place for intolerance and extremist behavior against anyone, especially against minorities and vulnerable groups. ISPR said that the Ulemas and Mashaikhs unanimously condemned extremism, terrorism and sectarianism, the Ulamas and Mashaikhs vowed to continue supporting the efforts of the state for tolerance and peace in the country. Scholars and scholars said that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, the distorted interpretations of religion by some elements are only for their personal interests, the distorted interpretations of some elements have nothing to do with Islamic teachings. The Ulemas and Mashaikhs also vowed to continue their full support for the tireless efforts of the security forces. It should be remembered that on October 24, 2023, in a meeting with the Ambassador of Palestine Ahmed Jawad, Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir said that the Palestinians from Gaza The forced evacuation is a reflection of crimes against humanity, the international community must mobilize to stop the Israeli army from these atrocities. During the meeting, the Army Chief expressed regret over the loss of lives of civilians in Gaza. . In a statement issued by ISPR, it was said that the army chief expressed concern over the wanton killing of innocent civilians by the Israeli army, attacks on schools, universities, aid workers and hospitals. The army chief said that he will continue to support the principled position of ending the illegal occupation of Palestine. General Asim Munir said that the forced evacuation of Palestinians from Gaza is a reflection of crimes against humanity, and the international community encourages the ongoing atrocities of the Israeli army. Be active to avoid The army chief reiterated his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the borders established before 1967, saying that oppression is being done under Israel’s selfishness and narrow-mindedness, reflecting the Israeli army’s atrocities against humanity and civil values. It should be clear that after Israel’s worst bombardment on the Gaza Strip in Palestine, the humanitarian crisis is intensifying with each passing day, where there is no water, fuel or electricity. has said that some Islamic countries condemned the atrocities of the Zionist regime in Gaza. Some Islamic countries have not even condemned yet. Islamic governments must prevent energy and critical supplies from reaching Israel. Islamic states must end political relations with the Zionist regime. Islamic states cut political ties with Israel for a limited time. The United Nations should continue its protest against the Palestinians. The defeat of the Zionist government in Gaza is certain. The Zionist government has failed to destroy Hamas even by bombing Gaza. He said that entering hospitals and homes is not an achievement. The failure of the Zionist government is also the failure of the US and Western countries. It should be noted that more than 12,300 Palestinians have been martyred and more than 25,000 injured in the ongoing Israeli bombing of Gaza since October 7. Peace cannot be established without solving the Palestinian problem. 6,000 children have been martyred on the land of Gaza, the genocide of Palestinians is being done, the whole world is in turmoil. People who sympathize with humanity are protesting today, Muslims and non-Muslims around the world have condemned the Palestinians. In different cities of the world, Palestinians expressed solidarity and protested against Israeli aggression, and the demonstrators demanded an immediate ceasefire. In many countries, including Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Yemen, Iran, rallies were held to show solidarity with Gaza and Israel’s actions were severely criticized.According to the report, protesters in the capital Tehran and other cities expressed solidarity with the besieged and oppressed children of Gaza and chanted “Palestine is not alone”. Protesters held Palestinian flags and banners. Israeli forces around the world Crimes are highlighted in different ways every day. The final match of the World Cup happened again when a man wearing a Palestinian flag shirt entered the ground and hugged Virat Kohli during the final match between Australia and India. At one point, it had to be stopped for a while when a young man wearing a shirt with a Palestinian flag entered the ground to support the Palestinians against the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza. This young man not only entered the ground but he also went to the Indian batsman Virat Kohli on the pitch and hugged him. The young man can be seen wearing a mask with the Palestinian flag while his T-shirt reads ‘Stop bombing Palestinians’ in English. Photos of the pro-Palestinian youth entering the ground have been shared by social media users. There is also a reaction from the side, while some people are calling this act of solidarity an attempt to highlight the suffering of the oppressed Palestinians to the world. A number of Pakistani cricketers who were present together showed solidarity with the people of Gaza by posting a picture of the Palestinian flag on social media. All-rounders Shadab Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Osama Mir posted Palestinian flags. Here it is also worth mentioning that a few days ago Pakistan cricket team’s wicketkeeper and batsman Muhammad Rizwan gave a wonderful victory to the Palestinians against Sri Lanka, to which Indians and Israel reacted strongly. Muhammad Rizwan’s tweet. The Indian journalist had raised a question regarding the non-banning of political and religious statements by the cricketers during the ICC events, on which the ICC issued a statement and said, “This is a matter of the sports field and of the ICC.” is out of jurisdiction’. Later, after Pakistan’s defeat by India in the crucial match on 14 October, Israel’s official Twitter account congratulated India on its victory and criticized Pakistan. At the same time, it was written in the Israeli government’s tweet that the Zionist state is happy that India won the match and Pakistan lost its victory in the name of Hamas. The propaganda on the ongoing issue of Palestine came out on social media. A political party. The supporters of Palestine have started a propaganda campaign on social media in which Pakistan is falsely accused of supplying arms to Israel. A false and fabricated story was told in the media about a plane carrying weapons from Pakistan to Israel. In fact, the flight from Bahrain to Rawalpindi is part of the British evacuation of Afghan refugees, not the transfer of arms to Israel. The ongoing Israeli aggression has been condemned at all levels. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly given its clear position on Palestine, which is very clear. Pakistan has also fully and openly supported the oppressed Palestinians in the Security Council meeting.

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