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Rawalpindi | Gujjar Khan (Digital Post) : Mega City Scam: Victims Demand Inclusion of Accused Names in ECL.


Mega City Misery: Investors Left Begging for Refunds

Mega City Mess: Victims Demand Action Against Neosarbaz Group

Empty Promises, Lost Millions: Mega City Scandal Leaves Investors in Despair

Mega City Mayhem: Victims Plead for Help as Authorities Remain Silent

RAWALPINDI (Special Representative), The effectees of the illegal housing society Mega City Gujar Khan have been left in a state of despair, forced to beg door to door for their hard-earned money. The society, which lacks the necessary approvals, has left many investors feeling cheated and hopeless.
One businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that he had invested 8 crore rupees (approximately $1.1 million) in three plots within the Mega City Gujar Khan Bahria Town Phase 7 Rawalpindi office. He was enticed by promises of lucrative returns and assurances that the society had the necessary legal clearances.
“I was given a pamphlet in which the society’s LOP (Letter of Permission) was assured to be approved,” the businessman stated. “Based on that, I decided to invest in Mega City.”
However, these promises turned out to be nothing more than empty words. The society’s LOP has never been approved, and the project has been declared illegal by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).
Fear and frustration have gripped the victims, who are now struggling to recover their lost investments. Many are hesitant to file complaints against the society’s owners, fearing further financial losses or jeopardizing their chances of getting their money back.
“I am also unable to file a complaint against the accused in any forum for fear of losing money,” one victim lamented.
The victims have been desperately seeking answers and refunds, but their efforts have been met with indifference and empty promises.
“I have been going around the society office for the last ten days, but there is no meeting with the owners,” a frustrated investor expressed. “The employees say that all the partners are abroad.”
The society’s lack of transparency and accountability has further fueled the victims’ anger and desperation.
“A large number of citizens are visiting Mega City Bahria Town Phase 7 and Gujjar Khan site office every day for refunds, which are sent back with ‘lollipops’ as a consolation of refund when the owners return from abroad,” one victim disclosed.
The victims have now placed their hopes on the authorities, pleading for swift and decisive action against the Neosarbaz Group, the company behind the Mega City project.
“Victims of Mega City told Daily Digital Post that neosarbaz group has looted thousands of citizens through illegal projects,” a victim asserted.
He said that Shahid Qureshi, the Country Head of Bahria Town, was presented as the project’s original owner and personally guaranteed that all necessary approvals (NOCs) would be obtained from government agencies before any bookings were made.
They urge the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Chief Commissioner of Rawalpindi to take immediate action against the Neosarbaz Group and ensure that the victims receive their hard-earned money back.
The plight of the Mega City victims highlights the need for stricter regulations and enforcement in the real estate sector. Investors must be protected from unscrupulous developers who exploit their trust and hard-earned money.

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