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Rawalpindi | Gujar Khan (Digital Post) : Illegal Mega City Gujar Khan Mafia Active to Stop Land Identification Process



• Land Mafia Stops Land Identification Process in Gujar Khan
• Tehsildar Gujar Khan Seeks Help From Local Politicians to Stop Clash
• Locals Claim Mega City Gujar Khan Land on Illegal Occupation
• Armed Men of Land Mafia Bulldozed Lands in Broad Daylight, Claim Victims
• Victims Request Army Chief’s Intervention for Justice
• Locals Confined to Houses as Land Mafia Blocks Water in Drains and Ponds

RAWALPINDI: The illegal Mega City Gujar Khan land mafia has been active in stopping the land identification process after occupying the lands of native owners in Missa Kiswal and Jaru Ratial. On the other hand, Tehsildar Gujar Khan has sought help from local politicians to call the police to prevent any disturbance to the law and order situation and loss of life.

According to sources, the revenue department is afraid of a clash during the land demarcation and identification process, so it has been decided to call for help from the leader of the People’s Party, Raja Javed Ashraf, who has been enjoying public support and has influence over the local police.

Keeping this fact in view, the Tehsildar of Gujar Khan has decided to get the services of the police through political figures instead of seeking help from the Rawalpindi district administration and the police directly.

The local elders, while talking to Daily Digital Post, said that Mega City Gujar Khan did not have the required land for a housing society, and even the land mafia group had developed the main boulevard on their illegally occupied land. They blamed that this land mafia group had planned to sabotage the land identification process to maintain its illegal occupation of their lands. They requested the administration to deploy Rangers on the site during the land identification process and also demanded the arrest of the local facilitator of the occupation mafia, Raja Daniyal Iqbal. They also stipulated the removal of armed personnel of the Mega City Gujar Khan private militia deployed in the area.

According to the victims of Mega City Gujar Khan Jaro Ratial, more than 400 kanals of their land have been seized, besides government land reserved for public interests and water ponds.

Local sources said that after highlighting the Mega City Gujar Khan scam by Daily Digital Post, a large number of victims had filed complaints against the land mafia group, Sheikh Tayyabul Aziz Builders, Mubasher Hayat Earthlink Enterprises, Chaudhry Qaiser Tycoon Builders, and their local facilitator Raja Daniyal Iqbal. Many new victims of Mega City Gujar Khan have come forward to claim their land back. According to detailed information, the land mafia has occupied 44 kanal of Sher Afzal, 4 kanal and 16 marla of Mohammad Azad Shaukat, two and a half kanals of Captain Meherban, 4 kanal and 16 marla of Aftab Baloch, 4 kanals 16 kanals, 8 kanal of Dewan Ali, 8 kanal of Khan Bahadur, 15 kanals of Inayat, 20 kanals of Sabir, 33 kanal of Muhammad Aslam, and 5 kanal 6 marla of Muhammad Taj. They claimed that Mega City Gujar Khan had occupied their land illegally.

The victims told Digital Post that the armed men of the powerful occupying group bulldozed their lands in broad daylight, and they could not cultivate crops on their own land. They cannot take their cattle on their own land. The occupying gang officials had been threatening them with shootings and warning them of serious consequences if they cross their own lands.

They said that the entry of their animals was also blocked on their own ancestral lands. They told that the residents of Mohra Mayal were confined to their houses, as they have been surrounded by the stopping of the water in natural drains and ponds.

They said that they have been waiting for the intervention of Army Chief Syed Asim Munir for justice. The victims have requested the Commissioner and DC Rawalpindi, RPO, and CPO Rawalpindi to play their constitutional and legal roles to ensure the safety of their lives and property.”

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