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Rawalpindi (Digital Post) : FIA to Probe Allegations of Illegal Mega City Gujjar Khan scam targeting Overseas Pakistanis



  • Mega City Gujjar Khan Land Mafia Loots 8 Billion Rupees
  • RDA Declares Mega City Gujjar Khan Illegal
  • People’s Billions Sunk in Fraudulent Project
  • Government Officials Involved in Mega City Scam
  • Overseas Pakistanis Robbed in Mega City Fraud
  • FIA Confirms to Launches Forensic Audit of Mega City
  • Local Leaders Influencing to thwart Investigation in Mega City Gujar khan Scam




FIA to Probe Allegations of Illegal Mega City Gujjar Khan scam targeting Overseas Pakistanis



Islamabad, [Staff Reporter] – 15-10-2023


The Mega City Gujjar Khan Land and Money Laundering Mafia has become active to thwart the investigation launched on the order of Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chatha who had directed a forensic audit of an illegal housing project and the permits illegally obtained.


This inquiry focuses on the alleged illicit activities surrounding an illegal housing project and the fraudulent permits obtained for it.


According to the sources, the politically influential leaders with ties to former ruling coalition parties are flexing their influence to halt the proceedings.


The Mega City administration faces a barrage of accusations, including land grabbing from local citizens and encroachments on railway department land. The Rawalpindi Development Authorities have already declared the Mega City Gujjar Khan illegal, and the society’s name is listed among illegal projects on the RDA website.


Complainants and victims of this scandal claim that the society’s owners, operating under the banner of Mega City Housing Society Gujar Khan, own mere few hundreds of kanals of land, which they used for their dubious project. The nefarious group, comprising Zahid Mir, Sheikh Tayyab, Chaudhry Qaiser, and Mubasher Hayat, allegedly sold thousands of plots/files from the illegal project through marketing companies without the required LOP (Letter of Permission) approval.


The victims assert that a thorough investigation will unveil the extent of the exploitation, particularly affecting a significant number of expatriates, ultimately shaking the real estate market. This unscrupulous group, in collusion with marketing companies and estate agents, deceptively peddled plot files, leaving many defrauded.


In a startling revelation, it appears that the real estate gang lured a substantial number of expatriates residing in the USA, UK, European countries, and the Middle East with enticing offers. An estimated 8 billion rupees were pilfered from unsuspecting buyers who acquired plots/files in thin air. The ongoing investigation aims to uncover the true scale of victimization.


Notably, Commissioner Rawalpindi Liaquat Ali Chhata recently issued orders for a forensic audit of the illegal housing society. Since this directive, influential local political figures linked to Mega City Housing Society Gujar Khan have been making concerted efforts to obstruct the investigation against the illegal project’s owners.


Following the publication of this scandal in the Daily Digital Post, overseas Pakistanis and Pakistani citizens have reached out to the media outlet, disclosing that the Mega City Housing Society Gujar Khan’s owners, on their website targeting overseas Pakistanis, falsely claimed approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authorities (RDA), effectively deceiving countless expatriates.


It has come to light that the society has fabricated a NOC (No Objection Certificate) approval to swindle overseas Pakistanis while employing fraudulent practices. Victims, speaking to the Daily Digital Post, have stated that the administration of Mega City Gujar Khan once declared this project as affiliated with Shahid Qureshi, the country head of Bahria Town, and also purportedly engaged Bahria Town’s property dealers, real estate agents, and marketing companies to sell Mega City Housing Society Gujar Khan land in plots. However, sources close to Shahid Qureshi have clarified that he was not directly overseeing the project but alleged that the aforementioned gang operated without the necessary project approval.


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials have assured that an immediate inquiry will be launched into the complaints of all victims, including overseas Pakistani citizen Raja Shabbir. The FIA’s Cyber Crimes Wing will investigate the illicit project’s promotion through digital and electronic media using cyber laws.


Sources told as for Shahid Qureshi, he has distanced himself from the project, although his official stance remains undisclosed. The Revenue Department has confirmed that numerous cases of land allotment and encroachments are pending, and Rawalpindi police sources report a multitude of applications against the society administration being processed in various police stations. The wheels of justice are now set in motion to unravel this intricate web of deceit and corruption in the heart of Gujar Khan.

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