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Islamabad(Digital Post): In ICESCO address, Federal Minister Jamal Shah proposes various recommendations to fill some hidden gaps in its fantastic list of initiatives



ISLAMABAD, Sept 26, 2023: Jamal Shah, Interim Federal Minister for National Heritage and Culture, in his address to the 12th Conference of Culture Ministers of Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) in Doha on Tuesday proposed various recommendations to ICESCO which might fill some hidden gaps in its fantastic list of initiatives.

Culture Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Jasim Al Thani, host and Dr Salim M AlMalik, Director General ICESCO, Excellencies, delegates , ladies and gentlemen AOL from Pakistan were also present on the occasion.

At the outset of his speech, the minister appreciated and congratulate the host country and Director General, ICESCO for holding this very significant 12th Conference of Ministers of Culture in the Islamic World in Doha.
He said that based on my preamble, I would like to make a few humble recommendations to ICESCO which might fill some hidden gaps in its fantastic list of initiatives.
He proposed a cultural Caravan of Tradition bearers of all member states be organized which embarks upon a tour of member states interacting with local counterparts in each country and creating transformative works of art and crafts .
“The journey should culminate in the next cultural capital during the next ICESCO conference in the form of a festival and celebration,” he added.
The Minister said that this will situate and empower children.
Second similar initiative should be taken to engage youth of all member countries, leadership camps and events of talent hunt be planned to groom and empower youth as future headers, adding that third teaching Calligraphy in Maddaris to infuse esthetics among students of religious seminaries to combat religious intolerance and extremism. Fourth ICESCO Cultural Caravan of Tradition bearers.
The Minister also proposed creation of Islamic Cultural Monuments in each capital;
Based on Sirat-e-Feel and Surat-e-Reman, huge Islamic public monuments be created in all Capital Cities of member countries , using all available Traditional and Modern tools including A I, Vital Reality, holograms etc which should be visited by people in big numbers. He said that these Monumental structure embelished with most modern technology will work as a powerful source of combating extreme views about Art and Culture.
Sixth the arts and Crafts of Palestinian and Kashmiri Artists should be promoted as an expression of Solidarity.
He said that Palestine and Kashmir are two glaring examples of ruthless exploitation by the developed world.
He said that Doha, being the finest example of a Modern Cultural Capital has beautifully synthesized Tradition or Heritage with Modernity and innovation, adding that its robust Cultural infrastructure, esthetic master plan.
He expressed dismay at the inability of his predecessors for failing to enlist even a single new Cultural site to ICESCO’s list of heritage sites despite being the proud Custodians of an extremely enviable Cultural Heritage that can boost of being 9500 years old if we start with Mehergarh followed by zharrapa, Mohenjodaro and Gandhara which puts it alongside ancient Egyptian and Summeiran Civilizations.

The Minister said that the region is therefore rightfully reffered to as Melting Pot of Cultures and Civilizations.
Having said that, let me at least sharep my belief that Culture has the ability to help the individual to engage in a very intimate relationship with his or her surroundings which is both creative and critical and enables thereby enabling the individual to embark upon a journey of intimate information , clarity, critical engagement and informed decision making, he added.
He said that it is a relationship that turns you into a productive contributor and agent of change, interested in sharing and turning his or her surroundings into a more livable place for all.
“The great Pashto Mystic poet Rehman Baba says; plant flowers so your land becomes a garden, do no sow thorns they will hurt your own feet
Creating unselfish, brave , generous and informed decision makers are the flowers and generous souls he refers to and we need such contributors in big numbers”, he added.

He said that in order to help their cause and struggle ICESCO should create special opportunities for their Tradition beares, Craftsmen, Musicians, writers and film makers where they can showcase their works with Islamic countries and rest of the world to represent aspirations of their people.

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