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China(Digital Post) : The 5th Lancang-Mekong Audio-Visual Week Series “Generation Z” Lancang-Mekong Short Video Show and “Hi · China” Yunnan Tour Launched



On June 18, the “Generation Z” Lancang-Mekong Short Video Show and “Hi · China” Yunnan Tour of the 5th Lancang-Mekong Audio-visual Week series were held in Yunnan Minzu University. Propaganda Department of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, Radio and Television Bureau of Yunnan Province, Cultural and Educational Counselor of Lao Ambassador to China​, Yunnan University for Nationalities, Wuzhou Communication Co., Ltd., relevant leaders, offline creation camp campers participated in the launching ceremony, and relevant experts conducted short video creation training.

The event consists of a short video creation contest, an international youth offline creation camp, and an exhibition of outstanding award-winning works, which will last from June to October. The International Youth Offline Creation Camp invites 21 international professional photographers, we-media bloggers, international students in China and Yunnan ethnic minority youth to form a creation camp. Focusing on the theme of intangible cultural heritage, taking “xiu” as the starting point, the short video creation is made from different aspects such as “xiu culture,” “embroidering life,” “sniffing delicious food,” “xiu self.” Campers will visit Kunming, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province In Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and other places, they experienced Yi Embroidery, World Dinosaur Valley, Fire Grass Quilt, Water and Bamboo Umbrella, Colorful Rice and other intangible cultural heritage projects, carried out short video shooting creation, showed the beauty of Chinese natural culture from the perspective of international youth, and met “There is a kind of life in Yunnan.”

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