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Islamabad(Digital Post): Pakistan wants to benefit from China’s experiences


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif says that Pakistan wants to benefit from the experiences of China. According to a statement released by the media wing, the Prime Minister visited Zhongguancun Science Park in China’s Silicon Valley on the outskirts of Beijing. Deputy Prime Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar and other members of the delegation also accompanied him. The Prime Minister was briefed about China’s tech start-up culture and modern environment and modern research at the Science Park. Besides, the Prime Minister was also briefed on potential cooperation and partnership in tech start-ups, research and development centers and digital infrastructure. I highlighted the immense possibilities of cooperation. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan can fully benefit from China’s progress in the field of science and technology. This is the first visit of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to China after assuming the post of Prime Minister. China is determined to work with Pakistan through this visit to make further progress in the evergreen strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries and take new steps for closer China-Pakistan relations with a common future in the new era, Prime Minister said. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is scheduled to meet and hold talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Qiang and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The two leaders will have a detailed discussion on China-Pakistan relations and issues of mutual interest and will jointly prepare a blueprint for the development of bilateral relations. Apart from Beijing, the Prime Minister will also visit Guangdong and Shaanxi. The total direct investment of 25 billion 40 million dollars, 236000 jobs, 510 km of highways, and 886 km of core transmission network were laid from the project, which strengthened the economic and social development of Pakistan. The second phase of CPEC. Under the agreement, the two countries will implement the key consensus reached by their leaders, including strengthening of development strategy and policy coordination, while upgrading of “ML One”, Gwadar Port and Karakoram Highway Phase 2. will speed up progress on mega projects including rehabilitation of There has been a significant increase in the strategic need to increase trade links around the world, provide alternative and cheaper routes and connect nations through better communication resources; So, in recent times, it has become easy to understand the importance and usefulness of CPEC

. Pakistan has been calling CPEC as a game changer for the economy for many years, but to turn this dream into reality, the political leadership will have to fulfill its responsibilities. The Prime Minister’s visit to China will consider the CPEC projects. As partners in these projects of common interest, we should also take stock of our performance, especially the economic zones projects associated with CPEC, which are expected to generate industrial activity. In the chapter of Pakistan-China bilateral trade, we also have to highlight the aspects of increasing our exports to China. From the second phase of CPEC, about three hundred more products of Pakistan have been included in the list of duty-free imports in China. Thus, around 1,000 types of products can be sent to China duty-free, but a lot needs to be done to take full advantage of this agreement. The relocation of Chinese industries to Pakistan was mainly important in the expectations related to CPEC, but no significant progress has been seen in this regard. . It is hoped that aspects of bilateral interest and interest will be considered in the Prime Minister’s visit to China so that production and industrial activities in the country increase and Pakistan emerges as an export economy by increasing manufacturing activities. The Prime Minister’s visit will promote the economic and social development of Pakistan and send a strong signal of solidarity and cooperation between the two countries to the international community. Strategic contacts between the leaders of the two countries guide our relationship. During the last 73 years, the leaders of the two countries have been meeting each other like close relatives. During his visit to China, he met the head of the Communist Party, Meng Fenli. In the meeting, Meng Fan Li welcomed the Prime Minister to Shenzhen and briefed him in detail about Shenzhen. The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is very impressed by China’s development and wants to learn from China’s development. Our government is trying to increase domestic exports through the cooperation and investment of Pakistani and Chinese companies in the second phase of CPEC. Fanley said that the friendship between China and Pakistan is very strong and deep. It is an honor for the government of Shenzhen and the people of Shenzhen to host you I hope your meetings with the Chinese top leadership, especially Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese Premier Li Qiang, will be useful in terms of promoting mutual relations and partnership between the two countries. A large number of Pakistani students are studying in Shenzhen. There are vast opportunities for trade promotion between Pakistan and Shenzhen. Speaking to the media earlier, the Prime Minister has reiterated his determination to further strengthen bilateral relations, economic and trade and investment ties. He has said that ‘Pakistan wants to increase exports by utilizing the experiences of China, CPEC is entering the second phase of high-quality development, the cooperation between the two countries has boosted Pakistan’s scientific and technological development. Is. The Prime Minister said that Chinese companies should invest in Pakistan and make joint ventures with Pakistani companies. Meng Fenli said that the friendship between China and Pakistan is very strong and deep. It is expected to create employment opportunities for the workforce, facilitate the transfer of industries and technology, and increase the production of Pakistan’s products. Apart from this, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will also be upgraded. The Prime Minister mentioned the government’s priorities for improving the national economy through structural and institutional reforms, reduction of expenditure, development of industries and creating facilities for investors.
He said that ‘Pakistan wants to learn from the experiences of China and wants to establish special economic zones, in this regard the first economic zone will be established in Pakistan Steel Mills which has already been connected to the rail network and It is near the port. He invited Chinese provinces and companies to establish special economic zones and start joint projects with Pakistani companies for mutual benefit Inviting the department to set up its units in Pakistan, he said that during his visit to China, he would also convince Huawei to start short-term courses for Pakistani youth in information technology and artificial intelligence to help them start their own business. Be able to self-start and provide your services to Gulf countries and send remittances back to Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif said that Pakistan is keen to increase agricultural production and exports by utilizing China’s agricultural technology. Referring to bilateral relations, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan and China are iron brothers and our friendship is eternal, our hearts beat together. He appreciated China’s support to Pakistan in the most difficult time and said that Pakistan considers China as its most reliable friend in the world. He said that Pakistan is firmly committed to the One China principle and this commitment will always remain unwavering. The Prime Minister said that the achievements achieved since the launch of CPEC in 2013 are obvious to everyone. Regarding China’s development, he said that “Today, China has become a great power due to vision, hard work and serious and tireless efforts. All doubts about the Chinese model have been proven wrong by the evidence of history. Referring to the Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Prime Minister said that the achievements achieved since its inception in 2013 are obvious to all. In terms of clean energy and better infrastructure, faster and more efficient transportation network has resulted in wider development opportunities for Pakistan from CPEC, he said, adding that CPEC is entering the second phase. And in a new phase of high-quality development, the two countries are cooperating in agriculture, mining, labor light industry and other sectors. Referring to the launch of Pakistan’s first satellite and multi-mission communication satellite with the cooperation of China, the Prime Minister said that the scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries has promoted the scientific and technological development of Pakistan. It is expected to change the existing digital environment, provide high-speed internet facilities to the entire country, improve the quality of life of the people and promote e-commerce and online government affairs and economic development.

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