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Bajaur : Gulab Jamon arrested



The police registered an FIR and arrested Muhammad Gulab Khan son of Gul Habib Jan Sakna Tale Salarzai District Bajaur for spreading fake news of a foreign woman on social media.
The arrival of foreign women and their marriages in different areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is in full swing.

Bajaur (Crime Reporter) Yesterday, Masmi Muhammad Gulab, a resident of Tali area of ​​Salarzai tehsil, posted as a joke about his friend that a British lady Ela has reached Tali Salarzai to meet her lover. After that, the police When the foreign girl reached her house to provide security, it was found that there is no truth in this news. After which an FIR was registered against Muhammad Gulab son of Gul Habib Jan and he was immediately arrested.

As a reaction, the people of the area have strongly condemned and said that the police should first take instructions from reliable sources and their superiors. Also, confirm with the leaders of the area so that there are no problems for the people of the area in the future. Moreover, these days, news of such pranks on social media has become a daily routine.

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