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Islamabad(Digital Post): Interpol Center UN officially announces to start two organization in Malaysia  APGAMPI and IPDF


The Lieutenant-General of Interpol Center UN, The Commissioner of Asia Pacific General Administration of Military Police Interpol UN, the Commission Ambassador-at-Large Diplomacy of United Nations International Human Rights, The Official representative to the United Nations of Interpol Center UN, General Fang Wenjun, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, recently officially issued the appointment to Dato Danny Chan to serve as “the deputy director of “the General Administration” Preparatory Office”, Chen Xinhui (China) to serve as “the Deputy Director of “the General Administration” Preparatory Office” and Chan Tat Fung (Hong Kong China) to serve as “the Deputy Director of International Bureau of “the General Administration” Preparatory Office”, planning to prepare the specific work matters of Asia-Pacific General Administration of Military Police Interpol UN (“the General Administration”) and the International Peacekeeping Development Fund (Malaysia) Interpol UN

The Asia-Pacific region includes many countries, the establishment of “the General Administration” will promote multi-national coordination, aiming to achieve the goal of security and peaceful development in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the official information,“the General Administration”does not interfere in sensitive issues such as military, political, religious, and ethnic conflicts in various countries and regions. However, for international peacekeeping and counter-terrorism undertakings,“the  General Administration” can collaborate across borders, regions and organizations .“The General Administration”will uses Systems and scientific and technological means to provide necessary support to countries in the region; will provides compensation and condolences to police officers, peacekeepers and anti-terrorism personnel who have been injured or killed in various countries in the region; will provide training and help for further improvement of the global police officers’ academic qualifications and skills; will commends and rewards outstanding police officers and peacekeepers with outstanding achievements from all over the world.

Interpol Center UN(IPC), formerly named International Polices Center, founded in 2013, is one of the five largest police organizations in the world. States Members, National Central Bureaus, International Police Organization States Members and the International Security Academies are located in 82 countries and regions. IPC has her own authoritative global database of foreign criminals. IPC has strong credibility and deterrence around the world among international peacekeeping and combating global terrorist organizations, economic crimes, anti-drug trafficking, overseas pursuits and severe punishment of various transnational criminals.

IPC was established in accordance with the United Nations Charter (Chapter 10, Article 71), United Nations Economic and Social Council Resolution 1996/31 (XLIV) and the 10th Principle of the United Nations Global Compact. IPC’s mission and purpose is to provide protection and assistance, IPC is an international non-governmental organization of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is not affiliated with the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), Europol or other police agencies of any country in the world, cooperates with the above-mentioned organizations and institutions on the basis of partnership and mutual cooperation and support.



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