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Islamia University Bahawalpur secondary case, 5 more professors are involved.


Combine report of IUB

ISLAMABAD () In Islamia University Bahawalpur secondary case, the revelations have come out, including the gang leader, director of finance and chief security officer, 5 more professors of the university are also involved in the scandal. The outsiders continued to make money by providing luxury goods to the depraved Nawabzads, it has also been revealed that university students were sent with outsiders through social media and mobile calls, 11 students of Islamia University Bahawalpur were found involved in drug use, buying and selling and supply. A joint report of the illegal activities of the staff of Islamia University Bahawalpur has been released. The names of the central gang leader, chief security officer, 7 professors and 11 students involved in drug and sex matters have been included in the report. According to the details, the joint report of Islamia University Bahawalpur scandal case has been released. The leader director of finance, Abu Bakr, was arrested by Baghdad Al-Jadeed police station at point number 07/BC, during the blockade of Baghdad Al-Jadeed police station. On the spot search, a large amount of crystal ice and sex drugs were recovered from the director of finance. After using Isukh and paying heavy compensation to the police, the quantity of ice recovered in huge quantity was reduced to 6 grams and a case number 1014/23 dated 28-06-2023 was registered against the director of finance, similarly, the police also registered a case against Islamia University Chief Security Officer Major Retired Ijaz Akram. Also, the case number 1132/23 dated 20-07-2023 Anti-Narcotics Act 9/2/1 has been registered in Baghdada Lajjad Police Station, in which the Chief Security Officer has also recovered drugs. Professor Muhammad Hussain Tahir, Head of Department, State Department, Asif Ranjha, Chairman, Social Work Department, Sarwar Bajwa, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Dr. Imran and Imran Ashraf, who are involved in drug addiction among the students studying in the university, are further informed in the joint report.

It has been revealed that the gang leader Abu Bakr, Chief Security Officer Major Retired Ijaz Akram has been organizing dance parties and drinking Shabab parties inside and outside the Islamia University, farm houses and the houses of prominent businessmen, politicians and social personalities of the city, sources said that the dance party and alcoholLakhs of rupees are being collected for the purpose of decorating Shabab parties. In the report, the names of 11 students who have been involved in buying, selling and supplying drugs have also been registered in different police stations. Among these 11 students, RafeSikandar, Shehryar Qamar Pracha, university employee Shah Rukh, Qamar Mugsi University employee, Javed Bajwa University employee, drug dealers Rao Naveed, Rao drug dealer 3 Marla, Hasnain Chaudhry, Mudassar Cheema, Amjad drug dealer, Asim Jat University employee’s contacts with drug dealers have also been revealed, the joint report said that the gang leaderOn the request of Abu Bakr, Chief Security Officer Major Retired Ijaz Akram, professors and students used to contact the mentioned drug dealers and bought and sold imported alcohol, rare hashish, ice and other drugs from them. The report also revealed that Director Fanasan Abubakar Khawaja has joined Islamia University as the Director of Finance after resigning from Farid University and is one of the trusted colleagues of Vice Chancellor Athar Mehboob.


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