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China’s first aluminum-based light weight platform launched


China’s first aluminum-based lightweight S5E pure electric platform was officially released by Chery Automobile recently. The platform won the “First Prize of China Automobile Industry Science and Technology Progress Award”.

It is not only a move to empower the technological innovation of the automobile industry, but also an attempt of Chery to transform the field of new energy, and to take a larger share in the global automobile market, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Monday.

The aluminum-based lightweight S5E pure electric platform released this time is China’s first aluminum-based lightweight platform with completely independent intellectual property rights. As Chery Automobiles’ “top-level achievement” in the field of new energy, it has broken through the technical bottlenecks in terms of aluminum-based body structure design, molding, and connection.

The platform realizes the decoupling of soft and hard layers from “physical architecture to electronic architecture”. In this way, it lays a foundation for safer, smarter, and more environmentally friendly pure electric products.

With Chery’s 26 years of research and development, the aluminum-based lightweight S5E pure electric platform has achieved comprehensive innovation and breakthroughs in technology, materials, processes, and products.

The technologies include: the world’s first aluminum-based body material system, the world’s first aluminum-based body integrated design technology, the original aluminum alloy plastic forming process, high-precision extrusion molding and low-heat welding process, advanced liquid forming process, etc. They will help Chery accelerate the development of new energy products, improve product quality and technological leadership.

Chery’s aluminum-based lightweight S5E pure electric platform has leading intelligence capabilities including real-time networking and sustainable iterative software technology, actively serve users, and provide users with customized services in real time to enrich their experience.

Meanwhile, it has the characteristics of high space utilization, standard rear-wheel drive, diversified drive, and many expandable models. Among them, the battery-body integration can bring about a 5% increase in the interior space of the car, coupled with the axle length ratio of 0.58 to 0.61, the interior space of the car is maximized.

In the structure of the beam system, the traditional cold-rolled aluminum sheet stamping, welding, and riveting processes are abandoned, but the aluminum alloy one-time extrusion molding process is adopted. The aluminum alloy die-casting process is used for complex structures, and the outer cover is formed by one-time polymer materials.

Under the new process, the mold investment is reduced by 40%, and the material utilization rate is increased by 50%. The application of new technology makes Chery S5E pure electric platform products have excellent safety performance. The front longitudinal beam of the aluminum profile adopts a multi-stage collapse design, which greatly improves the energy absorption of frontal collision collapse. Aluminum alloy one-time extrusion molding process and aluminum alloy die-casting process reduce the amount of side impact intrusion by 60%.

Chery’s short-process aluminum-based process is greener. Through technological innovation, the most polluting coating process has been eliminated, thereby reducing manufacturing energy consumption by 91.7%, carbon emissions by 63%, and VOC emissions by 99.8%.

Meanwhile, the aluminum-based lightweight S5E pure electric platform consumes less energy and has a higher recycling rate during the manufacturing process. This can promote the development of a low-carbon and zero-carbon industrial chain and help build a New Energy brand with global market competitiveness.

As a powerful faction among China’s independent brands, Chery has always been technology driven in the course of more than 20 years. Chery promotes China’s new energy industry and brings new experiences and new surprises to global auto users in the era of smart new energy.


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